Ex-President of France told how Minsk agreements helped Ukraine

Minsk agreements of 2014-2015 gave Ukraine time to strengthen the country’s armed forces, said Francois Hollande, former French president of France.

in an interview with The Kyiv Independent.

The journalists asked Hollande whether he agreed with the statement of the former German Chancellor Angels Merkel that the agreements “froze” the conflict of Russia and Ukraine and he was not resolved, but their conclusion “gave Ukraine precious time.” “Yes, Angel Merkel is right. Minsk agreements for the time stopped the offensive of Russians,” he answered. According to Hollande, it was important to “know how the West will use this respite.”

Since then, the ex-president of France said, Ukraine has strengthened its military position, the country’s army has become better trained and equipped with 2014. “This is the merit of the Minsk agreements that the Ukrainian army received such an opportunity,” he said.