Ex-president of Russian Federation: there is hundred percent probability of new conflict with Ukraine

There is a hundred percent probability of a new conflict with Ukraine, whoever is in power and with whom this country would not enter the coalition. This point of view was expressed by the deputy chairman of the Council of Security of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

According to the Russian politician, “the existence of Ukraine is deadly for Ukrainians,” and not only the “current state” and power in Kyiv.

“I am talking about any, completely any Ukraine. Why? The presence of an independent state in historical Russian territories will now be a constant reason for the resumption of hostilities. It is too late. Whoever stood at the steering wheel of a cancerous neoplasm under the name Ukraine, this will not add the legitimacy of it the rule and legal viability of the “country” itself. And, therefore, the probability of a new battle will remain indefinitely. Almost always. Moreover, there is one hundred percent probability of a new conflict, no matter what pieces of security is the West with a puppet Kiev regime, ” -painted ex-president of the Russian Federation in the Telegram channel.

According to Medvedev, the conflict “will not prevent either the Association of Ukraine with the EU”, or even the entry of this country into NATO. “This can happen in ten and fifty years. That is why the existence of Ukraine is fatal for Ukrainians. They are practical people ultimately. No matter how they want death to the Russians. No matter how much they hate the Russian leadership. No matter how much they hate. They strove for mythical European Union and NATO. Choosing between the eternal war and the inevitable death and life, the vast majority of Ukrainians will ultimately choose life, ”the politician affirms.

“Life in a large general state, which they now do not love, are better than death. Their death and death of their loved ones. And the faster Ukrainians realize this – the better,” he added.