Export of dried fruits from Turkey exceeded $ 1.1 billion

Exports of dried fruits from Turkey in the export season of 2022-23. reached 1.103 billion dollars. This was announced by the head of the Union of Exporters of dried fruits from the Aegean region Mehmet Ali Ishyk.

Ishyk noted that Turkey takes a leading position in the world in the export of dried fruits.

According to him, export increased by 5 percent compared to the previous season, to 1 billion 103 million dollars.

“The main importer of Kuragi from Turkey became the United States. Export to this country grew by $ 72 million. The second place is France – $ 40 million, the third Germany – $ 33 million,” he said.

The leader among the importers of Turkish raisins in the 2022-23 season. Great Britain became, Ishyk emphasized.

“Izuma exports to the UK reached $ 104 million. Following Germany – $ 55 million and the Netherlands – $ 50 million. The main importer of dried figs has become the United States – $ 38 million,” Ishyk said.

Ishyk also emphasized that Turkey remains the leader in the export of organic dried fruits in the world.