Fabiano Karuana is leading in tournament of memory of Vigar Gashimova

Today in Baku at the tournament of the famous Azerbaijani chess player Vugar Gashimov, the 2nd and 3rd rounds on Rapidu were played.

According to their results, the sole leader is American Fabiano Karuana, who scored 8 points. Today, Karuana beat Rauf Mamedov (2: 0) and Hungary Ripper Rapporta (2: 1). Rapport has 7 points, and it takes 2nd place.

5 points among Russian Sergey Karjakina, Rauf Mamedova and Shahrijar Mammadyarova. Rauf after defeat from Karuana beat Vugar Asadley (1.5: 0.5). Shakhriyar also defeated Voir today (2: 1), and then gave way to Karyakin (0: 2).

4 points from Czech David Navara. For 1 point from Indian Vishvanatan Ananda and Vugar Asadley.

Recall, for victory on the results of two parties, chess players receive 3 points. In the event of a draw rivals to identify the winner playing Armageddon. For the victory in Armageddon, 2 points of the chess player, loser in “Armageddon,” receives 1 point.

In total, seven rounds will be played in fast chess. Then there will be 14 tours in the Blitz. Competition will be completed on December 23.

The winner will determine the amount of points scored in Rapid and Blitz. Time control: Rapid – 15 minutes plus 10 seconds for each moved; Blitz – 5 minutes plus 3 seconds; “Armageddon” – 5 minutes by white, 4 minutes from the black plus 3 seconds for each move after the 60th stroke.