First ladies of Turkey and Nigeria discussed cooperation issues

The first lady of Turkey Emine Erdogan held a meeting with the wife of President Nigeria Bola Ahmed Tinuba Olurama Tinuba.

The meeting of the wife of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the first lady Nigeria took place in the Vakhdettin mansion in Istanbul.

The first lady of Turkey congratulated President Nigeria Bole Ahmed Tinube and his wife with an entry over a year ago.

Emine Erdogan noted that thanks to its culture and population, Nigeria is a very rich country, as well as significant and friendly for Turkey.

The first lady of Turkey expressed confidence that relations between the two countries will become even stronger during the reign of Tibun.

According to Emine Erdogan, Turkey established warm relations with the friendly and fraternal countries of Africa, and within the framework of these initiatives will provide all support for the African continent and its undertakings.

Meanwhile, the first lady of Nigeria noted the special interest and support that Emine Erdogan shows to Africa.

Emine Erdogan also informed the first lady of Nigeria about the “House of African crafts and cultures”, where the products of manual women of African countries are put up for sale, and the incomes from which are acted by African women.

In turn, Olumeri Tinube said that Nigeria has great cultural wealth due to the presence of hundreds of various ethnic groups and languages, and would be glad to promote this potential through the project “House of African crafts and culture”.

During the meeting, the first lady Emine Erdogan also spoke about her publications about Africa, including “My Travels to Africa”, “African Proverbs”, as well as the “African Culinary Book”, which is at the stage of preparation.

Olurama Tinube noted that although the first lady Emine Erdogan was not born on the African continent, she remains an African in her soul. The first lady of Nigeria expressed satisfaction and gratitude for Erdogan’s special interest in the rich culture of Africa.

The meeting also discussed the issues of possible cooperation, including the projects implemented to expand the rights and capabilities of women, and mainly from among youth.

, in the framework of these initiatives, she shared information about various events that are held in many areas, in particular, in the field of expanding the rights and capabilities of women and social assistance.

The first lady of Nigeria also emphasized the importance of the formations and said that the Institute of Yunus Emre, opened during the last visit of Erdogan to the country, offers good opportunities in this context.