Football League Talk: Who will get national team of Azerbaijan?

Today at 21:00 Baku time in Swiss Nyon will take place the draw of the new season of the Football League of Nations.

The Azerbaijani team recognizes its rivals in the group in the League “C”, in which she will perform the second season in a row. Before the draw, 16 teams are divided into four baskets according to the results of the last league of nations. Azerbaijan in the 3rd basket together with Lithuania, Georgia and Kosovo. With these teams, we will not fall into one group.

Composition of three other baskets in the league “C”

Cart 1. Turkey, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Northern Ireland.

Cart 2. Greece, Belarus, Luxembourg, Northern Macedonia.

Cart 4. Kazakhstan or Moldova, Cyprus or Estonia, as well as Gibraltar and Faroe Islands.

Kazakhstan will play with Moldova, and Cyprus – with Estonia in March 2022. The winners will fall into the league “C”, the losers will play in the league “D”.

During the draw, 16 teams will be divided into four groups. The winners of the groups will receive the right in the next drawing of the League of Nations to play in the League “B”, and the teams that took the last places will compete in the butt matches for not flying to the league “D”.

It is still unknown how many vouchers to Euro 2024 will be played in the nations league. The fact is that the format of the qualifications of the European Championship has not yet been approved. It is expected that he will be made public by June 2022. It is then that the new league of nations starts. In June, the teams will hold four matches at once, and two more games will be held in September.

In the leagues “A” and “B” also collected for 16 teams. In the League “D” will play seven teams.

The composition of the participants

League “A”: France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, England, Poland, Switzerland, Croatia, Wales, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary.

League “B”: Ukraine, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Scotland, Russia, Israel, Romania, Serbia, Ireland, Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania, Armenia.

League “D”: losers in butt matches, as well as Liechtenstein, Malta, Latvia, San Marino and Andorra.