Forecast of American ecvperts: fighting in Ukraine will soon intensify

In the near future, the overall pace of military operations will increase, this can happen over the next few weeks, the analysts of the Institute for the Study of War suggest.

Analysts report that the overall pace of operations along the front line has slowed down in recent days due to the deterioration of weather conditions, but will probably increase over the next few weeks, when the temperature decreases and the earth will freeze throughout the theater of hostilities.

Ukrainian and Russian messages from critical sections of the front in the east and south of Ukraine, including Svatovo, Bakhmut and Ugledar, indicate that operations on both sides are still complicated by a strong swamp as a result of rain.

According to experts, it is not known whether any of the parties is actively preparing to resume large offensive or counter-deception operations, but meteorological factors that prevented such operations will begin to weaken.