Foreign Minister of Ukraine: There are no manifestations of signs of “tiredness from war” from West

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba said that he had seen the manifestations of signs of “tiredness from the war” from officials of the Western countries.

“I have not heard a single official either at a meeting or in a private conversation that we would say that we are tired of helping you,” Kuleba said, speaking in a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum (VEF) in Davos on Wednesday.

“It doesn’t matter how tired or exhausted we will continue to protect our country. So tired for a person or country is absolutely normal, but it would be abnormal to stop defending ourselves,” the Foreign Minister emphasized.

According to Kuleba, the priority of Ukraine for this year is to “drop Russia from the sky”, saying that the one who controls the sky “will determine when and how the war ends.”

“And for this it will be necessary to provide Ukraine with airplanes that in the process, F-16, large-range missiles, drones. Ukraine has significantly increased the production of drones and, of course, a radio electronic warfare. So if all this is, we will continue to win And we will continue to release, ”said the Ukrainian minister.

However, the minister emphasized, Ukrainians are fighting “with a powerful enemy who is not asleep, so it takes time”.

Commenting on the influence of the upcoming presidential elections in the United States on conflict, Kuleb said that Ukraine will “work with reality” regardless of the choice that the American people will make.

according to the words of the Foreign Minister, it is important that the political system of the United States “remains concentrated” and does not “drown in internal conflicts.”

“America is important for global stability, and America will have to remain focused on global problems. And Ukraine is one of these problems,” he said.