Foreign Ministry: Iran did not answer our demand to punish terrorists

The terrorist attack at the Azerbaijan Embassy in Tehran led to a deterioration in Azerbaijani-Iranian relations, said the head of the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Ayhan Hajizade.

“We demanded from Iran to punish these terrorists. However, Iran has not yet given any intelligible answers,” Gadzizade said.

During a briefing at the Foreign Ministry, they also showed an interview with Makhir Imanov and Vasif Tagiev, security officers of the Azerbaijani Embassy who were injured in the prevention of a terrorist attack. They said that the Iranian police were inactive during the attack, and the hospitals refused to accept them. In addition, they emphasized that if the terrorist had entered the residential premises of the embassy, ​​then the number of victims would be more, since it was a non -working day and 6 families lived in these residential premises.

At the same time, one of the wounded – Vasif Tagiev – noted that representatives of the Iranian police did not respond to his request to assist representatives of the embassy, ​​while they immediately began to assist the terrorist, who began to burn as a result of the unsuccessful use of Molotov cocktail ” . Tagiev also indicated that the terrorist, after the arrest, threatened to kill him twice and at the same time the Iranian police did not interfere with the terrorist.