Foreign Ministry of Russia: West hesitates hysteria around world

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharov said that Western partners deliberately want to impose the world a feeling of anxiety in order to hide the goods of their own problems, RIA Novosti reports.

“Our Western partners want to impose a feeling of anxiety to all over the world … The injection of hysteria, the discharge of the feeling of anxiety. It is done intentionally … specifically … The answer is clear. The goods of their own problems that are not solved, makes them use this model” , “said Zakharov on the air channel” Russia 1 “.

According to the diplomat, only over the past 10 days a large number of materials were devoted to the alleged “beginning of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine”.

“and wrote, exactly in these words and expressions. Moreover … I used staged frames, issuing Ukrainian techniques, in particular tanks, for Russian, issuing Ukrainian railway stations for Russian and issuing this for the intention of Russia or already as The accomplished fact, allegedly the beginning of a certain aggressive campaign of our country in relation to Ukraine, “said Zakharov.