Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: sanctions are beaten by European gas consumers

The 14th package of EU sanctions raises the question of whether millions of gas consumers from Russia have come into it. This was stated by TASS by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova, commenting on the restrictions of Brussels, limiting the transit of LNG.

“did those who consume Russian gas get into it? And these are millions of citizens,” said the diplomat.

On June 24, the European Union adopted the 14th package of sanctions against the Russian Federation, which involves restrictions on 116 Russian individuals and legal entities. The EU also imposed on export of dual -use goods and technologies against 61 companies from countries outside the community.

The EU ban in the framework of the 14th package of sanctions on the transit of Russian LNG through European ports in third countries will enter into force after 9 months.

Zakharova also stated that Cho Moscow developed and will soon announce response measures to restrict access to the Russian media in the European Union.

Realizing that it is useless to hope for the commitment of the Eesov Brussels to its international legal obligations, Moscow has developed response measures that will be announced in the near future, ”the diplomat said.

EU previously announced the restriction on June 25 access to three Russian media – RIA Novosti agency, Izvestia and Rossiy Gazeta newspaper, as well as the Voice of Europe portal in Prague. This follows from the document published on the EU Council website.