FSB: Ukrainian intelligence plans in Russian Federation terrorist attacks using “dirty bomb”

Military intelligence of Ukraine plans to attacks in the Russian Federation, including using a “dirty bomb”. This was reported by TASS on Tuesday at the Center for Public Relations (COOs) of the FSB of Russia.

“The Federal Service of the Russian Federation received additional data on the involvement of the special services of Ukraine in the planning and preparation of acts of international terrorism. During the investigation of a diversion on the demolition of long -range aircraft deployed at the North Airfield in the Ivanovo Region, it became known about plans The Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to commit a terrorist act in Russia using the so -called dirty bomb, ”the Central Central District Hospital said.

According to the data obtained, in order to organize sabotage in Russia, the head of the State Unitary Enterprise MOU Kirill Budanov created the 3rd service of the said department, which included light-engine aviation to supply diversion-reconnaissance groups in Russia with means of defeat, as well as striking by means resetting bombs to fuel and energy infrastructure facilities, follows from the message.

According to the FSB, the coordination of the use of light -engine aviation was entrusted with military unit No. 3449 with the conditional name “Legion”, which is part of the GUR MOU.

“In particular, a plan was developed for the delivery and laying of the so -called dirty bombs equipped with timer delay, for the simultaneous undermining and indignant of the area for people to live,” the Central Central District Hospital said.

According to the FSB, since the beginning of 2023, this unit of the State Unitary Enterprise MOU has planned and five combat sorties were planned to the territory of Russia, during which the objects of the fuel and energy complex in the areas of Russia border and border with Ukraine were damaged.

“As a result of special operations carried out, two pilots were detained and given a confession of the terrorist acts committed and planned GUR,” the FSB reported.