Georgian “Thief in Law” ran away from Ukrainian prison after shelling

The Security Service of Ukraine reports on the detention of a mine-based “thief in law.”

In Vinnitsa region, Ukrainian security officials managed to detain on the border of the “thief in the law” Georgy Kiladze on the nicknamed “GEGA OZURGETSK”, which from June 2021 is in the STBO sanctions lists.

In 2020, Kiladze was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison for an attempt on intentional murder. He served a sentence in Novgorod-Seversk correctional colony No. 31 in the Chernigov region. In February 2021, a 28-year-old “Thief in Law” was additionally notified of the suspicion of disseminating the criminal impact in society by a person in the status of “thief in law” and participate in the “Lot”.

After the start of a full-scale war against Ukraine, the above entity of punishment was in the occupied territory. According to the detained Kiladze, at the end of February 2022, he left the colony arbitrarily after the actors began.