Germany will put new air defense system in Ukraine

The German government will put Ukraine with a new Patriot anti-aircraft missile system as part of a military assistance package.

The Ministry of Defense of Germany noted that in connection with the strengthening of the air strikes of Russia and the request of the government of Ukraine, another Patriot air defense system will be transferred to this country, in addition to previously delivered and planned, when coordinating its allies. >

“Russian terrorism against Ukrainian cities and the country’s infrastructure causes inexpressible suffering. It threatens the energy supply of the population and destroys industrial facilities that are important for the operational readiness of the Ukrainian armed forces. That is why we support Ukraine another Patriot air defense system. Before making this decision , I promised to buy a new one for our country as soon as possible, and we make all efforts for this, ”said the head of the Ministry of Defense Boris Pistorius.

Earlier, the German Ministry of Defense, as part of a military assistance package, put two Patriot air defense systems, fire installations and two Patriot installations, as well as various military equipment.