Greek media: policy to isolate Turkey failed

The Greek part of Cyprus will not be able to export gas without a large-scale agreement on the delimitation of zones in the Eastern Mediterranean with the participation of Turkey, Greek media write.

For example, the Cyprusmail newspaper published an article with the headline “Anastasiadis’s Energy Dreams Are Costing Too Much”.

The authors of the material pointed out the fallacy of the policy of the leader of the Greek Cypriots Nikos Anastasiadis on the development of hydrocarbon resources in the Mediterranean. The erroneousness and short-sightedness of attempts to withdraw Ankara beyond the energy map of the region was noted.

The article indicates that after the failure of negotiations on Cyprus in the Swiss Cros-Montana in 2017, Anastasiades concentrated on re-election, tried to stay away from the settlement of the Cyprus problem and directed all efforts to energy cooperation with neighboring countries, being firmly convinced that will be able to isolate Turkey from the processes in the region.

The Greek Cypriot leader successfully completed the first two tasks, but made a “glaring mistake” by deciding not to involve Ankara in resolving energy issues in the Eastern Mediterranean, the article says.

The policy aimed at turning the Greek part of Cyprus into an energy player in the Eastern Mediterranean and attempts to isolate Turkey has failed, the newspaper is convinced.

The authors of the article drew attention to Turkey’s ongoing exploration and drilling activities in the Mediterranean, which makes the Greece-Egypt-Israel alliance that Anastasiades trusts so much does not make sense.

The publication also quotes Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, who did not rule out the possibility of signing an agreement between Ankara and Cairo on the delimitation of sea borders in the Mediterranean. This step will further complicate the situation for the Greek part of Cyprus, Cyprusmail is convinced.