Head of European Commission: at least 500 trucks per day must be entered into gas

The Chairman of the European Commission Ursula von der Lyain said that the delivery of humanitarian aid from the island of Cyprus to the Gaza Strip is not an alternative to land routes.

“The corridor should become part of the constant efforts to increase the gas flow in all routes, including expanded ground routes. At present, it is necessary to ensure at least 500 trucks per day or other equivalent humanitarian aid,” the head of the European Commission wrote in the social network X.

On the eve of a meeting in the video conferencing mode with the participation of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, British Foreign Minister David Cameron, Foreign Minister of the UAE Sheikh Abdullah Ben Zaid Al Nahayyan, Mohammed Bin Aziz Al-Kulifi, Minister of Foreign Minister of the Greek administration The southern Cyprus of Konstantinos Combos and other leaders noted the importance of delivering humilities to gas by land. According to the results of the meeting, an appropriate statement was made.