Henry Kissinger: Israel will withstand only one blow

The world in the Middle East will not be achieved until Iran stops its nuclear program, said US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. This was reported by the Israeli 7th Canal.

In an interview with the British magazine, Spectator 99-year-old Kissinger spoke sharply about the nuclear transaction with Iran 2015, calling the agreement concluded by the Obama administration “inadequate” and “dangerous” if it is re-concluded by the United States.

Kissinger noted that he fears that the nuclear weapon extensions will inevitably lead to the reaction of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and especially Israel.

“Now the problem with current nuclear negotiations is that it is very dangerous to return to the agreement, which was originally inadequate – modify it in the direction that will make it clearly more tolerant for the enemy,” he said.


“So, all the problems that I had with the initial agreement will have now. I have not seen conditions, but there really is no alternative to the elimination of Iranian nuclear forces.”

Kissinger added: “You cannot achieve peace in the Middle East with nuclear weapons in Iran, because before it happens, there is a high danger of a proactive strike from Israel, because Israel cannot wait for the deterrence. He can afford Only one blow by itself. This is an integral problem of crisis. “