In European Union against Macron and its “security guarantees” for Russia

Several countries of the European Union undertook Demars after a statement by France President Emmanuel Macron on the need to provide Russia’s guarantees after the end of the war in Ukraine. It is reported by Reuters.

According to the agency, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia and Poland opposed Macron’s proposal. Reuters writes that countries who are not agreeing with the statement of the President of France may be even more, in particular, the official position of the Czech Council of the EU, which helped with the organization of demarche.

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According to the sources of the agency, last week the Czech Republic sent the Demarsh project, in which the idea of ​​negotiations with Russia on security guarantees was criticized. According to the authors of the project, the previous experience with the Russian Federation in European security issues showed that the goal of Moscow is to separate and weaken Europe.