Iran accused Israel in presence of nuclear bombs

The representative of Iran in the UN Majid Taht-Ravanchi accused Israel in the presence of nuclear bombs, noting that Israel’s atomic weapon is a true threat to the world in the Middle East, JPOST reports.

According to Iranian diplomat, Israel is trying to “present the potential of Iran’s nuclear weapons” as a “challenge of regional stability” to distract attention from their own “Arsenals of nuclear weapons, as well as secret and unsafe nuclear installations.”

In addition, according to Ravanchi, Israel has not yet signed an agreement on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons (NPT). “It also prevents the creation of a zone-free from nuclear weapons in the Middle East. Israel also did not allow the International Atomic Energy Agency to inspect any of his nuclear weapons facilities, accused the Iranian representative” – ​​he added.

Recall, Iran and Syria, have long been accused Israel in that he is a secret nuclear power. The accusations began to act in response to the statements of the Israeli authorities about the desire of Iran to create atomic weapons and the use of Syria of chemical weapons against their citizens.