Iran’s ambassador was called to Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan 27 January

Iran’s ambassador to Baku Seyid Abbas Musavi today was called to the Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry, the press service of the foreign policy.


The meeting resolutely condemned today’s armed attack on the Azerbaijan Embassy in Tehran, announced the inadmissibility of such attacks on diplomatic missions, noted Iran’s obligation to ensure the security of the diplomatic mission and its employees in accordance with the Vienna Convention.

At the meeting, the requirement was announced as soon as possible to bring to justice a person who committed a terrorist act, conduct a thorough investigation, identify and punish other participants involved in the organization and committing a crime. It was also emphasized at the meeting that recently a systematic anti -azerbaijani campaign has been held in Iran, which has even more complicated a difficult relationship.

Musavi, resolutely condemning the armed incident, expressed deep regret about what happened, as well as deep condolences to the family of the deceased employee of the embassy, ​​the government and the people of Azerbaijan. The ambassador also emphasized that the relevant bodies of Iran immediately responded to the incident, at present the law enforcement agencies are investigating it, detailed information will be made public after the investigation is completed.