Japan increases military power: defense budget will become third in world

Japan has unveiled the largest plan for increasing military potential worth $ 320 billion from the Second World War, which provides for the purchase of missiles that can strike through the territory of China, and the country’s preparation for a long military conflict writes, “Voice of America.”

The implementation of the five -year plan, according to estimates, will bring the country of the rising sun to third place in military spending after the United States and China.

Prime Minister Fumio Kisida said that Japan and its people are experiencing a “turning point in history”, and that building military power is his answer “to various security challenges that we face.”

The Government of Kisida is afraid that Russia has created a precedent that will prompt China to attack Taiwan, which can threaten nearby Japanese islands, violate the supplies of semiconductors and create serious problems for the marine paths, through which oil is supplied from the Middle East.

The authorities of Japan said that I will also accumulate equipment and ammunition, expand transport capabilities and develop the potential for conducting military operations in cyberspace.

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a serious violation of laws prohibiting the use of force, and it shook the foundations of international order,” the strategic document says.

Another strategic document in the field of national security, indicating China, Russia and North Korea, promises close cooperation with the United States and other single-minded countries to contain threats to established international order.

The plan of Japanese Prime Minister Kisides provides for an increase in defense costs to 2% of GDP for five years, which means the abolition of self-restraint of 1% operating since 1976.