July: new field of natural gas can be opened in Black Sea

The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey Alparslan Bayractar said he was hoping to announce new discoveries in July as part of drilling work carried out on the wells of Goktepe-1 and Goktepe-2 at the Sakarya gas field.

Bayractar spoke about activities in the energy sector in the program on the Haber Türk channel.

Having reported that exploration and drilling work continues in the Black Sea, the minister said that natural gas production reached 5 million cubic meters per day. Here gas is mined, sufficient for 2 million households.

Minister Bayractar added that in the first quarter of 2025 it is planned to extract 10 million cubic meters, and thanks to new discoveries in 2028, it is planned to satisfy all the needs of the population in natural gas due to internal production.

According to him, in the Black Sea, work on the development of deposits continues:

“The area of ​​the Sakaria gas field is about 10 thousand square kilometers. The area on which we conduct prey is 2 thousand 200 square kilometers. We made discoveries 25 percent of the entire area of ​​the field and put them into operation. The rest of the deposit continues. We began to fully master the gas field of the Sakarya gas.

noting that the efforts to turn the country into a gas production center are also ongoing, Bayractar said that in the framework of the new law, Turkey can now sell its natural gas to other countries in a liquefied form.

Stressing that significant progress in oil production has been reached in the Gabarsky district, Bayrakrattar said that 37 wells had reached a daily production level of 42,500 barrels.