Kasym-Zhomart Tokaev met with Pope Francis

President of Kazakhstan Kasym-Zhomart Tokaev in the Vatican met with the spiritual leader of the Catholics Pope Francis.

According to the statement of the presidential administration, Tokaev met with Pope Francis on the second day of his visit to Italy.

During the meeting, Tokaev said that the largest Catholic community in Central Asia lives in multi -confessional Kazakhstan.

“In our country, people of different religions can fulfill their religious duties in their own places of worship. Protection of the right to freedom of religion is an integral part of our policy,” he said.

expressing gratitude to Pope Francis for his efforts aimed at stopping conflicts in the world, Tokaev added: “The current geopolitical turbulence undermines all global security, causes huge human suffering and economic difficulties. Kazakhstan, as a responsible state, makes a significant contribution to the preservation of a global peace and security. We participate in the peacekeeping missions of the United Nations in various hot spots of the planet. “

Pope Francis also thanked Tokaev for his contribution to the matter of peace and stability.

Tokaev also met with the Vatican secretary for relations with states (foreign minister) by Paul Richard Gallacher and visited the Vatican Museum.