Leaders of Azerbaijan and Germany discussed situation in region

On Wednesday, October 4, German Chancellor Olaf Sholts called Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev. This was reported by the press service of the head of the Azerbaijani state.

According to the statement, during a telephone conversation, an exchange of views on regional issues took place.

As reported, Olaf Sholts expressed the support of Germany of territorial integrity and sovereignty of the countries of the region. He emphasized that his country supports the Brussels process conducted under the leadership of the head of the European Council Charles Michel.

German Chancellor praised the trip to the city of Hankendi Azerbaijan Mission of the UN resident coordinator in Azerbaijan, calling it a positive step.

Ilham Aliyev emphasized the adherence of Azerbaijan by the regional peaceful agenda and the active support of the Brussels process conducted with the participation of the Chairman of the Council of the European Union Charles Michel.

The President of Azerbaijan noted the humanitarian assistance provided by the Central Government of the country by the Armenian residents of Karabakh. He said that the Armenian residents on the spot are provided in the field of migration, social protection, the corresponding registration processes began, for which a separate portal. Ilham.

“The head of state said that as a demonstration of transparency wealthy in this area, a group consisting of representatives of the Office of the UN resident coordinator in our country and specialized institutes of the UN traveled to the territory, brought to attention that they also spoke with the appropriate The statement that no damage to the civilian population, civil and public infrastructure has been recorded, ”the press service said in a statement.