Legendary maradon was buried without a heart. doctor told why

The legendary Footballer Diego Maradon was buried without a heart, as the representatives of the club “Chimnasiya La Plata” were going to extract it. The doctor and journalist Nelson Castro told about this Marca, who said that the athlete’s heart was very important to determine the cause of his death.

“there was a group of people who represented the club” Chimnasiya La Plata “, which wanted to extract the heart of Maradona. It was not crowned with success. When it became known about their plans, then his heart was removed. Also it was done in order to explore His, because his heart was very important to determine the cause of death, “said Castro.

According to the doctor, the heart of Maradona weighed about 500 grams, although usually the weight of this organ is about 300 grams. Castro notes that the cause of this could be heart failure.

Maradona died on November 25, 2020, on October 30, he would be 61 years old. The medical expert commission, created to investigate the death of Maradona, recognized inadequate, insufficient and careless acts of physicians who were responsible for the health of the football player. According to the Commission, Maradon was not provided with the necessary care and treatment. In addition, doctors set the exact time of the death of the football player – while attempting to reanimate him, he was dead for several hours. Maradona is known for performances for Argentine “Argentinos Hunior”, “Boca Juniors” and “Newells Old Boys”, Spanish “Barcelona” and “Seville”, as well as Italian “Napoli”. For the national team of Argentina he spent 91 matches and scored 34 balls. In its composition, he became the world champion in the world in 1986.