Maduro: Lavrov’s visit – contribution to relationship of Karakas and Moscow

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, as part of the Latin American tour, met with Venezuela President Nicholas Madura.

At the meeting in the Palace of Miraflores in Karakas, the delegations of the two countries were attended by the delegations of the two countries.

Venezuela President shared pictures with Lavrov in social networks and noted that the visit of the Russian Minister helps to strengthen relations and cooperation between Moscow and Karakas.

“The visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, with whom we held a pleasant meeting, certainly strengthens bilateral relations and cooperation in various fields,” the politician wrote on Twitter.

A day earlier, Maduro said in the Maduro program that at a meeting with Lavrov, he plans to discuss the ways to deepen cooperation between Venezuela and Russia, emphasizing that “the presence of Russia in Latin America and the Caribbean is beneficial to the region.”

During the visit to Karakas, Lavrov also met with Venezuela Foreign Minister Ivan Hille and the executive vice president of the Republic of Delsi Rodriguez.

The Russian Foreign Ministry previously announced Lavrov’s visit to Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, scheduled for April 17-21.

As part of the tour, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry visited Brazil on April 18.