Meeting of SNB of Turkey will be held in Ankara

On Thursday, September 28, a meeting of the National Security Council (SNB), chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, will be held. For the first time, the newly -naked commanders of the military of the Armed Forces of Turkey will take part in the meeting.

Council, the previous meeting of which took place on August 9, in the presidential complex in Ankara.

The meeting will first take part in the new command of the Armed Forces of Turkey, the composition of which was changed after the last meeting of the Supreme Military Council.

For the first time at the meeting, the chief of the General Staff will be attended by General Metin Gurak, commander of the ground forces, General Selchuk Bayractaroglu and commander of the air forces, General Ziya Jemal Kadyoglu.

The meeting is expected to discuss issues of strategic, regional and national security, in particular, counter -terrorism operations in Iraq and north of Syria, as well as measures carried out in the framework of ensuring the security of the country’s borders.

The agenda of the meeting also includes a discussion of the efforts of Turkey to establish peace, intermediary activities, humanitarian aid, issues of long -term ceasefire in Ukraine and the topic of the renewal of the functioning of the “grain corridor”.

At the meeting, an assessment of the events in the Aegean Sea, in Cyprus and the East Mediterranean will also be given. As expected, steps will be discussed on protecting the interests of Turkey and TRK in the Eastern Mediterranean arising from international law.

At a meeting of the SNB, it is also planned to discuss successful anti -terrorist events of Azerbaijan in Karabakh and other regional events.