Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation announced application of “group strike” on KVP of Ukraine

The Armed Forces (Sun) of Russia inflicted a group blow with a high-precision weapon of large-range with the objects of the military-industrial complex (military-industrial complex) of Ukraine. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

“This morning, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, a group blow was struck by high -precision weapons of large -scale air and ground -based weapons on the objects of the military -industrial complex of Ukraine, which produces rockets and components for them, ammunition, as well as explosives,” the defense department will say in the message of the defense department .

The purpose of the blow has been achieved. All assigned objects are amazed, -they confirm to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The department also noted that 56 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles were destroyed by air defense systems in the areas of settlements Kuzemovka, Nirkovo, Verkhnekamenka in the Luhansk region, Belogorovka, Klescheevka, Turn, Maryinka in the Donetsk region, Thunderstorm in the Zaporizhzhya region, grape in Kherson areas, as well as one reactive shell of the Himars volley system.

Meanwhile, the head of the Kharkov ova Oleg Sinegubov said that the number of dead and wounded due to the massive missile strike of Russian troops on Kharkov continues to increase.

According to updated information, the number of those who died as a result of the shelling of Kharkov increased to 5, 51 people were injured, he said.

In turn, the Sumy Ova reported that on January 23, a missile blow was delivered to the objects of critical infrastructure of the city of Shostka. The explosions were reported in Kharkov, Kyiv and Pavlograd (Dnepropetrovsk region).

The Commander -in -Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny said that Russia made a combined blow to Ukraine, using winged, ballistic, aviation and anti -aircraft guided missiles. The air defense forces managed to destroy 21 out of 41 missiles, he said on social networks.