Ministry of Labor on protest of pseudoscience Ismailov

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Azerbaijan made a statement in connection with a protest that the so -called veteran of war arranged for the department.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Labor, who protested Samir Ismail oglu Ismailov is not a participant in the war. In 2017, he was assigned the status of a disabled person in connection with the performance of military duties, his disability expired in February 2022.

The press service noted that Ismailov’s statements about the revision of disability status submitted in March, May and July were examined, visual inspections were conducted. The man was denied a diagnosis in connection with disabilities, since the examination did not show signs of disability. Recently, a man was told in detail about this when he was at the reception of Deputy Minister Hidayat Abdullaev.

The Ministry considered the issue of Ismailov’s employment, the press service said. In April, he was involved in the program of paid public works of the Dosta Employment Center and sent by a social worker to the Nizaminsky district housing and communal services with a monthly salary of 300 manat with an official labor contract.