Moscow: Baku and Yerevan “managed to bring positions on various aspects”

of the tripartite working group under the co-chairs of the Deputy Prime Ministers of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia to unlock all economic and transport relations in the region, it was possible to bring positions on various issues. Radio Liberty writes that this was stated by Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Press of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexei Zaitsev.

“According to the results of the 10th meeting of the Trilateral working group held on June 3, as well as the contacts of co -chairs in the fields of the St. Petersburg International Forum, a certain progress has been achieved, the parties were brought together on various aspects of the restoration of transport communications,” the Russian official said.

Zaitsev did not specify on what issues the parties came to the common denominator. He noted that the co -chairs of the working group will separately inform the media about the results of the work.