North Korea promises to “always be in same trench with army of Russia”

North Korea “will always be in the same trench with the army and the people of Russia”, which is fighting the “imperialist forces” of the USA and the West.

This is stated in the statement of Kim Yo Jeon, sisters of the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong -un.

In her statement, she criticized the supply of American tanks to Ukraine, saying that in this way the United States is trying to “achieve its goal of Hegemon by further expanding the indirect war aimed at destroying Russia.”

According to Kim Yo Jeon, the West “ignores the concern of Russia” in the field of security, and the United States is the main culprit of the war in Ukraine.

“, as if the imperialist coalition forces are neither rage, in no case can they break the heroic spirit of the army and the people of Russia, which have high patriotism, perseverance and persistent spiritual power. We will always be in the same trench with the army and the people of Russia, which stood to fight to protect the dignity and honor of the state, the sovereignty and security of the country, ”she said.

Kim Yo Zhon is one of the most influential people in North Korea. It is believed that she enters the near circle of Kim Jong -un. Officially, she holds the post of deputy head of the department of propaganda and agitation of the Central Committee of the Korea Labor Party.

The DPRK after the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine consistently supported Moscow. North Korea voted against resolutions condemning Russia at the UN, as well as the only one in the world, officially supported the results of the “referenda”, after which Ukrainian territories were annexed. At the same time, none of the political leadership of the DPRK still expressed support from Moscow in public speeches.