Parliament of Republic of Moldova celebrates 33rd anniversary of its activities

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova on Thursday, May 23 celebrates the 33rd anniversary of its activities. During this period, the legislative body adopted 12,986 regulatory acts and held 1,895 meetings, the press service of the parliament on Thursday, May 23, reports.

according to statistical data, for 33 years of activity, the Legislative Forum adopted 14 constitutional laws, follows from the message.

Almost 6 thousand adopted laws are organic, and 508 are ordinary, the rest of the adopted acts are decisions, noted in parliament.

“Legislative initiatives marked the development of the country, cover a wide range of areas of activity and affect the European Course of the Republic of Moldova,” the report, published on Thursday, May 23.

In this regard, archival photographs showing the parliament building since 1973, when it has been designed and to the present day,

, are exhibited in the parliament.

Images are taken from the funds of the National Archival Agency and the State Information Agency “Moldipers”.

In addition, old cars used by former statesmen are exhibited.

The legislative body from May 23, 1991 is called parliament, previously it was called the Supreme Council.

May 23, 1991 by the decision of the Supreme Council of the Moldavian SSR of the XII convocation, created after the first democratic elections, the Union Republic of MSSR became the Republic of Moldova, and the Supreme Council was the first parliament of the Republic of Moldova.