Pashinyan explained failure of revolution … and sang a psalm

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan On the eve of the elections scheduled for June 20, the Armenian parliament spoke about the failure of the business of the “Revolution of Love”. Apparently, a great influence on the mindset of Pashinyan had a deplorable results of the latest study of influential Gallup. In recent days, Kocharyan broke forward in public opinion polls, which prompted him to declare the main perpetrators of the failure of the Armenian revolution.

Armenian Prime Minister in the circle of culprits included the elite of the Armenian clergy. “The elite of the clergy in recent years and, especially, the days did everything to impose his will to the Government of Armenia and fail the revolution,” the leader of the “Civil Agreement” N. Pashinyan was announced at a meeting with voters in Sevan.

Pashinyan replied, according to his own expression on “nasty accusations of clergymen” quotes from the Bible. And sang a psalm.

Note that Pashinyan speaking during the day earlier in Dilijan stated that “if necessary, the revolutions will be performed until the elite, from spiritual to political, will not bow to their people.” He stated that these elites are “not the owners, but servants,” but they want “the people lived and breathe with their permission.”

Following this, the press office of Garegin second made a statement, noting that the political forces of their agitation could bring society to civilian clashes on the basis of intolerance, hatred and hostility.