Peskov: Lithuanian statements about “neutralization” of Kaliningrad – “hostile rhetoric”

Kaliningrad is a Russian region, which will always be part of Russia. So the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov commented on the words of Lithuania’s ambassador to Sweden Linas Linkyavicius about the “neutralization” of Kaliningrad.

“Kaliningrad is a Russian region. It is located in the Baltic. And it will always be so,” said Peskov, whose words are given by Russian media.

“The expansion of NATO, the promotion of NATO military infrastructure towards our borders, hostile rhetoric from the member states of the North Atlantic Alliance is all, of course, a reason for deep concern and grounds for taking additional measures to ensure our safety,” the representative said Kremlin.

Earlier, Lithuanian Ambassador to Sweden and the former Foreign Minister of the Republic of Linas Linkyaviyus threatened to “neutralize the first Kaliningrad” against the backdrop of Sweden entry into NATO.

“After Sweden entered the Alliance, the Baltic Sea became internal for NATO. If Russia dares to challenge the North Atlantic Alliance, Kaliningrad will be” neutralized “the first, – the ambassador wrote to the social networks x.

Commenting on the statements with the Ukrainian about the possible attempts of Moscow to “shake” the situation in Ukraine, Peskov said that “from there there are regular accusations and statements, so we cannot react to everything.”

“However, we are observing that now in Ukraine there are many points of view both in the elections and the further legitimacy of the country’s leadership. Therefore, no help is needed there, there the processes of swinging themselves ripen from the inside,” the Kremlin spokesman said.

The Russian special services intend to conduct the Operation “Maidan-3” in Ukraine in order to undermine the legitimacy of Ukrainian authorities and sowing of discord in society. This was announced to the Early reported by the Main Intelligence Department under the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine with reference to the intelligence committee under the president of the country.

Peskov also commented on reports that appeared in the American media about attempts to track the location of the President of the Russian Federation by observing smartphones of persons from his environment.

“I do not know what this information is based on. We do not know about these companies that are mentioned there. At the same time, of course, our special services do everything necessary to ensure the security of the head of state. Well, of course, in fact, actually It is necessary to be aware that any smartphones with any operating system are absolutely transparent for surveillance, observation and so on. That is, everyone who uses smartphones should clearly understand this, ”Peskov said.