Prigozhin denied Pegova: Ukrainians do not retreat from Bakhmut

Contrary to some messages in Bakhmut,” there are fierce battles for each street, every house, every staircase, “said the head of the Wagner PMC Evgeny Prigozhin through the telegram channel of his press service.

” Armed Forces do not retreat anywhere. The Armed Forces are fighting to the last, “he said.

Previously, the Russian wire-wire Telegram channel Wargonzo, which referred to information from the mercenaries of Wagner, reported that the Ukrainian army has departed from the northern quarters of Bakhmut. The retreat was also mentioned in the posts of Ukrainian military in social networks, notes BBC.

officially the Ukrainian side did not report a retreat from Bakhmut, although it admitted that the situation there is difficult. British military intelligence this morning reported that the two main supply routes of the city were under threat of Russian shelling.