Prime Minister Moldova about country’s application to European Union: “It is very important that we are not forgotten”

Moldova is concerned that against the backdrop of universal attention to Ukraine and its desire to join the European Union, Chisinau’s intention will also become part of the European Union, Bloomberg reports with reference to the premiere of the country Natalia Gavrilitsa.

She stated that her country continues to strengthen its institutions and the rule of law – the main requirements to become a candidate for joining the EU, however, according to her, against the backdrop of economic problems and dependence on Russian gas, a window is the possibility of evaluating the application of Moldova Nephiroy. “Time has come. It is very important that we are not forgotten, left that we do not become a” gray zone. “The people of Moldova will largely vote for European integration before the conflict,” said Gavrilitsa.

Prime Minister Moldova also stated that against the background of “growing risks” the country needs to be more prepared in defense plan. Gavrilitsa urged countries to allocate help to Moldova: “Moldova will probably receive additional support in the form of a grant, but this is not enough”.