Protests of representatives of agricultural sector continue in France

In France, shares of the protest of farmers, dissatisfied with the policy of the government, continue. Mainly demonstrations take place in Paris and its environs.

According to Le Monde, French farmers requiring state support measures concentrated hundreds of tractors in the area of ​​Paris.

Farmers said they would continue protests until the government takes effective steps to satisfy their requirements.

The protests that began in the country the day before early in the morning continued all night. Many farmers spent the night on their tractors, despite the cold weather.

In social networks, they distributed shots, which show how farmers are trying to warm up, inciting bonfires on the sidelines of roads.

A1, A5A, A6 Motorists, the main transport nodes of the capital, blocked for movement in the direction of Paris, and A4, A10, A13 motorway for movement in both directions.

in separate areas on the A15, A16, A20 and highway 184, traffic was violated.

Police sources reported that more than 5 thousand units of agricultural machinery were involved in the protest campaign throughout the country and almost 10 thousand farmers took part.

The security forces took reinforced security measures in the vicinity of the Runi market due to the threats of farmers to block the city.

The La Coordination Rurale trade union, which organized the shares, confirmed on the social network X that the gendarmerie blocked the movement of tractors in the market.

However, La Coordination Rurale assured that the measures of the security forces would not stop farmers and published personnel on which tractors move to the capital using the bypass tracks. “All roads lead to Paris,” wrote in the trade union.

Arno Russo – Head of Fnsea, the country’s largest farmer union, following a meeting with Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, informed the European 1 channel that the head of government is “inclined” to take measures to resolve the crisis.

Rousseau called on farmers to refrain from violence and manifestations of extremism, so that the action would have the desired pressure on the government.

Russo said that the “return of farmers home” depends on the specific steps of the government, negotiations are ongoing.

Farmers throughout the country protest against low income and agricultural policy of the government in cities such as Toulouse, Aen, Bow and Renn.

Recently, protests against the agrarian policy of the authorities took place in a number of European countries, including Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Italy and Hungary.

Farmers are dissatisfied with the agricultural policy of the Union, a reduction in subsidies, high costs of energy, fuel and fertilizers that arose as a result of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, cheap grain products from Ukraine and water deficiency.