Putin announced readiness of Moscow for negotiations with Ukraine

Russia is ready to answer the proposal of negotiations in Ukraine at least tomorrow, it does not matter where they can take place, Moscow proposals are on the table. This was stated during a press conference in Hanoi Russian leader Vladimir Putin, TASS reports.

According to him, Russia is ready to continue the dialogue with the Ukrainian side on the basis of the agreements that were reached during negotiations in Istanbul and Minsk.

At the same time, he said that the proposals of the Russian Federation to resolve the conflict in Ukraine “will change depending on the situation on the line of contact, they will not act forever.”

At the same time, he noted that if Ukraine insists on the withdrawal of Russian troops for negotiations, then “this will never happen”

“I think, some sane politicians will still think about whether the proposals made by me are realistic, objective and relevant interests of all the contracting parties and all of Europe, including if it really wants to terminate the conflict,” Putin said.

The President of the Russian Federation added that the “enemy strikes on the Russian territory” is close to aggression. “

The Russian leader said that Moscow expects that its agreements with Pyongyan will be a restraining factor so that the crisis on the Korean peninsula does not grow into a hot phase.

According to him, Russia does not exclude the supply of weapons of the DPRK as part of the previously concluded agreements.

Putin also stated that Russia is thinking about possible changes in its nuclear doctrine, they are associated with a decrease in the threshold of using the corresponding weapons in the West.

The Russian leader indicated that “the changing situation in the world requires the UN reform based on a wide consensus.”

“Security Council as a key body of the UN arose based on the results of the Second World War. And, of course, the situation in the world is changing. This requires some reform of this International Institute. But here it is necessary, this is such a stamp of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, It is necessary that this reform rely on a wide consensus.