Reconnected Orhahan Asadov went to kill Israeli businessmen

Greek media unveiled the name of the 38-year-old Azerbaijanis, arrested on suspicion of organizing the killing of Israeli businessmen in Cyprus.

Iranian special services sent to a special operation of the 38-year-old Azerbaijanis, a citizen of Russia Orhan Asadov.

Previously, wrote that Orhahan Asadov was arrested by Cypriot law enforcement officers based on the information provided by the Israeli “Mossad”. In the list of Killer’s goals was Israeli billionaire Teddy Sagi, Cyprus Citizen.

Cypriot media notes that Azerbaijani has a total of the murder of five Israelis. During the investigation, his accomplices were arrested – four citizens of Pakistan and one resident of Cyprus of Lebanese origin.

The local police gathered enough evidence and evidence that the arrested Pakistans had a close relationship with the Hezbollah organization. Earlier, Israel stated that the actions of the Ahana Assadov group in Cyprus coordinated Iranian special services.

Currently, the Cypriot police, together with its Israeli colleagues, continues to investigate in order to expand the evidence base of Iran’s involvement in the preparation of the killing of Israeli businessmen.