Russia Announced Prevention Of Violation Of State Border Over Barents Sea Of Barents

The Russian fighter MiG-31 accompanied the aircraft of the Norway Air Force Basic Aviation over the Barents Sea of ​​the Barents in order to prevent violation of the state border. This is stated in the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

“On July 10, by Russian means of air space control over the Barents Sea, an air target approaching the state border, which was identified as an airplane of the Basic Patrol Aviation of the Norwegian Air Force, was discovered in order to prevent violation of the state border of the Russian The federations of the MiG -31 fighter from the duty officers on the air defense of forces were raised into the air, ”the statement said.

The department noted that when the Russian fighter approaches the foreign aircraft, it completed the U -turn from the state border of the Russian Federation.

“The Russian aircraft returned safely to the airfield, violations of the state border of the Russian Federation were not allowed. The flight of the Russian fighter was carried out in strict accordance with the international rules for using air space over neutral waters in compliance with safety measures,” the report said.

Conflict with Ukraine

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that “the air defense of the MiG-29 Air Forces of Ukraine, 55 unmanned aerial vehicles, four operational-tactical ATACMS missiles production of the USA, three jet equipment of the US RF Himars and four controlled aviation aviation-based aviation missiles were shot down. Bombs “Hammer” production of France. “

“operational-tactical aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, missile troops and artillery of the armed forces of the Russian Federation for a day destroyed: the AN/MPQ-46 Air Radio Vetermining Station and three launcher installations of the IMPROVED HAWK anti-aircraft missile system. “, – say in the Russian department.