Searches in mansion of a Russian businessman in Britain

British law enforcement officers conducted searches in the London mansion of the Russian businessman Peter Aven, during which he seized £ 30 thousand, confirmed TASS as a source close to the entrepreneur’s environment.

“Avenue conducted about 30 law enforcement officers in an individual in an individual, they found £ 30 thousand in cash that were immediately seized,” said Bloomberg’s interlocutor earlier. He recalled that a criminal case was instituted against Aven in the UK due to violations of sanctions imposed on him by the British authorities. He was allowed to spend no more than £ 2.5 thousand per month, but the British authorities considered that he spends much more and “lives beyond their means.”

According to the source, Avena arrested art items, and not only his accounts were completely blocked, but also the accounts of other former Alfa Bank co-owners Mikhail Friedman and Hermann Khan: “They were also refused a request for a one-time exit from Great Britain With the right to return “.