Security Council of Ukraine brought businessman Kolomoisky accusations of fraud and legalization of property

The Security Service of Ukraine handed the businessman Igor Kolomoisky to the businessman on two articles of the Criminal Code.

“Based on the materials of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Bureau of Economic Security, a notification of suspicion of committing crimes was received by the actual owner of a large financial and industrial group Igor Kolomoisky,” it was said in a message published in Telegram.

Security Service indicates that Kolomoisky was declared suspicion under two articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: Art. 190 (fraud) and Art. 209 (legalization (laundering) of property received by criminal means).

“established that during 2013-2020, Igor Kolomoisky legalized more than 0.5 billion UAH (more than 13 million dollars) by withdrawing them abroad, using the infrastructure of controlled banking institutions,” the report said. P>

It is indicated that the pre -trial investigation continues under the procedural leadership of the office of the Prosecutor General.