Shakhriyar Mammadyarov and Rauf Mamedov with victories started at memorial of Vugar Gashimov

Today in Baku started the 7th Memorial Memorial Memory Tournament of the famous Azerbaijani Chess player Vugar Gashimov.

Eight chess players are participating in the tournament on fast chess and bliece: Fabiano Karuana (USA), Richard Rapport (Hungary), Vishvanatan Anand (India), Sergey Karyakin (Russia), David Navara (Czech Republic), Shahriyar Mammadyarov (Azerbaijan), Rauf Mamedov (Azerbaijan), Vugar Asadley (Azerbaijan).

Today, after the opening ceremony, the 1st round of fast chess was played. Rivals spent two parties against each other. As a result, Mammadyarov beat Navaru (1.5: 0.5), Asadli lost to Karuan (0.5: 1.5), Rapport defeated Karjakina (2: 0). And only in the confrontation of Mamedov and Ananda was recorded a draw – 1: 1. According to the Regulations, in the event of a draw rivals to identify the winner should play in Armageddon. It turned out to be Rauf’s stronger here.

For the victory in the results of two parties, chess players receive 3 points, for the victory in Armageddon – by 2. The chess player losted in Armageddon, gets 1 point.

Thus, after the 1st round of 3 points, Richard Rapport, Shakhriyar Mammadyarov and Fabiano Karuana have. Roufe Mamedova 2 points, Vichy Ananda – 1. David Navara, Vugar Asadly and Sergey Karyakin do not have glasses.

In total, seven rounds will be played in fast chess. Then there will be 14 tours in the Blitz. Competition will be completed on December 23.

The winner will determine the amount of points scored in Rapid and Blitz. Time control: Rapid – 15 minutes plus 10 seconds for each moved; Blitz – 5 minutes plus 3 seconds; “Armageddon” – 5 minutes by white, 4 minutes from the black plus 3 seconds for each move after the 60th stroke.