Simonyan: CSTO will leave, and we will remain face to face with second army of NATO

CSTO must either act, or declare that it does not exist, the speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia Alen Simonyan told reporters.

He called the decision of the authorities of Armenia on the abolition of the teachings of the peacekeeping forces of the CSTO in the country. According to him, these teachings “could carry certain threats.”

“Where do they want to conduct military exercises? I want to understand? Suppose Jermuk. If we conduct military exercises, how will this be completed. They will come, and will leave in two hours, and we will remain facing our opponent ( Azerbaijan) and Turkey – the second army of NATO, ”said Simonyan.

According to him, “the Russian establishment understands what is happening”: “I think that they should evaluate our restraint. We expect at least at the political level of steps that will lead to a decrease in tension, the opening of the Lachinsky corridor … We are accused of good Relations with France, the United States, but at least targeted statements are heard from these countries. The most blurry and non -zadre statements always come from the side with which there should have been the most targeted statements, ”said Simonyan.