Taliban beat journalists in center of Kabul

Several journalists who covered the protest of Afghan women were beaten by Taliban, reports Le Figaro newspaper.

On the morning of October 21, about 20 women gathered in the center of Kabul, defending their rights to education and work, calling for the Taliban to open schools and universities, and also allow women to work. For one and a half hours, they chant the slogans “Unemployment, poverty, hunger” and “We want to learn.”

Taliban did not interfere with the demonstration, but beat and dispersed journalists trying to illumine events.

“Such is the situation, the Taliban does not respect any journalists or local residents, no women,” said one of the organizers of protest of Zahra Mohamadi.

She also appealed to all women in Afghanistan with a call not to be afraid of the Taliban and fight for their rights “in spite of everything.”

Note that with the arrival of the Taliban to power in this country, women repeatedly conducted protests.