Telegraph: British special services help US to establish origin of Covid-19

British intelligence officers help their colleagues from the United States to establish the origin of the coronavirus, which caused a pandemic. This was reported on Saturday the Daily Telegraph newspaper, referring to the sources in the Government of the United Kingdom.

“We share those intelligent on Wuhan, which we have, and also offer to the Americans to help confirm and analyze the information collected by them,” the publication interlocutor said. According to him, “in order to learn the truth about the outbreak of the disease caused by coronavirus [in Uhana], information from reliable sources is necessary to a greater extent than thoughtful analysis, and it is difficult to obtain such information.”

Earlier in favor of the SARS-COV-2 artificial origin of the virus, Richard Dirlav was repeatedly expressed, headed by the service of British foreign intelligence MI-6 from 1999 to 2004. In a recent interview with the LBC radio station, he said that, most likely, it would never be able to prove, “because, because of the scale organized by China, all evidence would be destroyed that would allow you to confirm the other version.” In conversation with The Daily Telegraph, Dirlylave also announced the PRC attempts to suppress all the discussions on this topic in the scientific community. The EX-Chapter Mi-6 himself admits that the virus could occur naturally, however, it considers much more likely that the ability to infect people pathogen received as a result of the intervention of Chinese scientists.