Tokaev positively appreciated measures to turn Kazakhstan into main transit hub in Eurasia

The President of Kazakhstan Kasym-Zhomart Tokaev positively appreciated the complex measures taken to turn Kazakhstan into the main transit hub on the continent.

According to the press service of the Kazakhstan leader, Tokaev launched the work of the transport and logistics terminal in the city of Siana, built as part of a joint project of Kazakhstan and China, and also opened a new innovation center created by KTZh NK JSC together with the Chinese company Huawei.

“This project will give a new impetus to the development of the Transkaspian International Transport Corridor, as well as strengthen trade and economic cooperation in Eurasia,” said Tokaev, speaking in the format of the teleconduct format at the opening ceremony of the transport and logistics center in Sian.

The President of Kazakhstan noted that in order to achieve genuine competitiveness, it is necessary to make innovative decisions that meet modern requirements.

“The domestic railway industry must immediately join the digital race. A certain security center, as we saw today, is available. Due to accelerated digitalization, we have to significantly increase the efficiency of transportation and optimize expenses in the very near future. This will give a powerful impulse to the development of not only transport -logistic sphere, but the whole economy. It is important that the IT solutions are not introduced disparate, but comprehensively complement each other, creating a single digital ecosystem, ”Tokaev noted.

The President of Kazakhstan also said that he would pay paramount attention of the railway industry.

“Transport and logistics are priority areas. Now all states are fighting for access to transport and logistics capabilities. Potential is not so much natural resources, now the main thing is the transportation of goods, establishing logistics chains,” he,


The opening of the transport and logistics center in Sian was preceded by the agreement of the leaders of Kazakhstan and China. The center in the dry port of Sian will connect the Chinese city of Sheanxi with Kazakhstan, Central Asia and further with Europe. The city of Xian is a nodular transit center of China. Here, up to 40% of the total container trains are formed here by the PRC -EU message. The design capacity of the Kazakhstan terminal in the dry port of Siana is more than 66.5 thousand DFE (twenty -foot equivalent) per year.

In turn, the innovation center was created to implement the Smart Railway project. The center was created by JSC NK KTZh together with the Chinese company Huawei.