Turkish Hakkari attracts tourists with flowering valleys and waterfalls

The tourist locations of the Hakkari province in the southeast of Turkey have gained popularity after the Turkish army successfully cleaned the region from terrorists.

Being confident in the stability and safety of Hakkari, dozens of tourists come here to see the glaciers at the foot of the Goro Mountains, where the second highest peak is the point of the Uluduki country.

nature lovers also attracts the valley of paradise and hell between Khakkari and Yuksekov, glaciers, waterfalls formed by snow waters, bright flowers and a glacial lake.

On the weekend, as part of an excursion tour, the next group of tourists visited here, which went along the valley, where bright flowers bloom on one side, and on the other – snow lies and a stream formed by melting.

A tourist group was able to see the largest valley glacier of Turkey.

Participants in the tourist tour spent a great time, taking pictures in front of waterfalls, by glaciers, as well as in a valley decorated with bright colors. Some rode in the snow using packages.