Turkish national team began European Football Championship from Victory

The Turkish national team defeated the Georgian national team with a 3: 1 score in the starting match of the Foot Football Championship of 2024 (Euro 2024).

The goals in the national team were scored by Mert Muldyur, Arda Guler and Kerem Aktücol. The first time of the fight ended with a score of 1: 1.

George Mikoutadze scored the first goal of the Georgian national team, which for the first time in history takes part in the final stage of the European Championship.

In the second match of the group, the Turkish national team on Saturday June 22 in Dortmund will meet with the Portugal team.

– the Turkish national team first began the European Championship with Victory

Turkey first began the European Championship, in which it participates for the 6th time, from victory.

Having defeated 5 European championships in the first matches, in which they participated before, the team first began the tournament from the Victory.

Turkey in starting fights lost Croatia at Euro-96 0: 1, Italy on Euro 2000 1: 2, Portugal on Euro 2008 0: 2, Croatia for Euro 2016 0: 1 and Italy on Euro 2020 0 : 3.

– Arda Guller Record

Arda Guler, who scored a goal against the Georgian national team, broke the record of the youngest player who scored in his first match in the history of the European Championship – 19 years and 114 days.

Previously, this record belonged to the star of the Portuguese national team Cristiano Ronaldo – 19 years and 128 days.

Arda Gühler for the 2nd time struck the enemy’s grid in his 9th match as part of the national team. Arda scored his first goal in the qualifying match against Wales, who took place in Samsun.

Arda also became the youngest player in the Turkish national team, who scored a goal at the European Championship. Arda was replaced by Yusuf Languages ​​in the 79th minute of the match.

Arda was also recognized as a player of the match.

– the first goal of the national team on Euro 2024 scored Mert Muldyur

The first goal of the national football team in Euro 2024 was scored by Mert Muldyur.

In the 25th minute of the Merth match, he sent a ball from the penalty area, bouncing from the defender of the Georgian national team against the opponent, scoring a very stylish goal.

Mert Muldyur distinguished himself for the 2nd time in his 25th match for the national team. He scored his first goal in a match against Gibraltar.

– Ferdy Kadyoglu spent 90 minutes on the field

Defender of the national team Ferdy Kadyoglu, played 90 minutes in a match against Georgia, going out on the field in the starting lineup.

Ferdy, who could not play in friendly matches against Italy and Poland due to injury, played the whole game against Georgia.

– Salikh Ozzhan on the field in Dortmund

Salikh Ozzhan, who plays in the Bundeslig for the Dortmund Borussia, received a chance in the last segment of the game at the stadium of his club.

Salikh, who replaced, entered the game in the 90+1st minute, replacing Hakan Chalkhanoglu.

– great support for the national team in Germany

Turkish fans provided great support for the national football team in its first match for Euro 2024. About 50 thousand Turkish fans filled the stands in the match at the 62-thousandth BVB stadium in Dortmund.

Fans violently supported the players throughout 90 minutes.