Turkish satellite-observation of Goktyurk-1: Seven years in orbit

The Ministry of National Defense of Turkey has published a post in social media in connection with the seven years of output to the orbit of the Turkish vitality-Goktyurk-1 (Gökturk-1).

“The GOKTURK-1, the” eye “of Turkey in space, turned 7 years old. During his stay in space, Gökturk-1 flew around the globe 37,378 times and handed over 82,913 images,” follows from the publication.

The press service of the department also published infographics, which provide the technical characteristics of the satellite.

Goktyurk-1 was launched into orbit December 5, 2016, at 16.51 local time.

A satellite is able to receive images from any corner of the globe by unprecedentedly.

is located in a sunny-synchronous orbit to a height of 680 km. Moves at a speed of 7.5 kilometers per second, and commands the satellite the personnel of the intelligence satellite battalion of the Turkish Air Force Command.

Goktyurk-1 provides the Armed Forces of Turkey with high-resolution satellite images.

The satellite is also designed to monitor the fire of forests, emergency damage assessment after natural disasters, generation of data for geographical maps and solving other relevant tasks in the civilian sphere.